Active in data digitisation for almost 30 years.


Innovative CAM AG was founded in 1991. A team of specialists is ready to integrate software solutions into production. Where standard solutions no longer help, our professionals are able to develop a custom-made solution to solve even special manufacturing tasks optimally. The team of experts passes on their knowledge in practice-oriented training courses and is also available later for support requests.


Our solutions are innovative and our customers rely on innovation.

You need the most modern means in the entire production chain, from concept to product? iCAM combines information technology and production.

In doing so, we optimize the innovation process and orient ourselves to your wishes and the requirements of the market.

We contribute to an improved market position of your company.



Computers are indispensable these days. We can help you make the most of your modern information technology. You are aware of the importance of the right software solution in the production process.

iCAM is the specialist for the integration of software solutions into production.

Our tailor-made solutions support you on your way from the first drawing to the finished product.

The result is simplification at all stages of the production process.



After the introduction of a software solution, the customer wants to be able to continue to count on support.

Because only the use of the product reveals its strengths and weaknesses.

iCAM is not satisfied with selling a “turnkey” product. We are at your side with advice and assistance, be it in maintenance, in adapting our product to the situation or in customer-specific training.

We are your partner on call..


Our customers want to optimize their production processes by using the latest software, which also supports high-speed production.

iCAM’s highly skilled technical experts will assist you with the introduction of the desired tools in your workshop and also offer you an individual NC service.





Since 1991, we have served more than 750 satisfied customers. Why not also you?

Daniel Vez | ICAM


Foundation of the company

Relocation to a new site

Cooperation with DP technology

Opening of a sales office in Winterthur

ESPRIT Award « The President’s Club »

ESPRIT Award « The President’s Club »

Relocation of the R&D structure

ESPRIT Award « The President’s Club »

ESPRIT Award « The President’s Club »

Creation of 3D models

ESPRIT Award « The President’s Club »

Release of iCAMNet

ESPRIT Award « The President’s Club »

ESPRIT Award « The President’s Club »

ESPRIT Award « The President’s Club »

ESPRIT Award « The President’s Club »

Exclusive presentation of ESPRIT TNG

Creation of our new website